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Berkshire, England.

"Everything that Nicola has ever cooked for me has been exceptional, beautifully presented and delicious.   She is a natural with food and is able to turn her hand to whatever is asked of her seemingly effortlessly.   She has a charming friendly manner and gets on well with everyone.   Nothing is ever too much trouble and she is always smiling.    She is a joy to have around.   I could not recommend her more highly."

Cornwall, England.

"Nikki was a pleasure to have in the house, very easy going and good natured. Willing to help in all areas and made such an effort to make my daughter’s first birthday cake as beautiful to look at as it tasted which was charming. Most importantly her cooking was consistently delicious and remarked upon by everyone. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to come again or recommend her to anyone else." 


Surrey, England.

"We cannot praise Nikki highly enough!  Producing amazing food requires many skills: to understand the clients needs, organisational skills, an ability to create and amend a seasonal menu at the drop of a hat, to stay abreast of current trends, and to be aware of the many dietary challenges facing so many people today.  Nikki does all of this with a calm professionalism, and an incredibly personable manner. And then to top it off we are presented with a plethora of amazing flavours that fire all the senses. We hope you can enjoy Nikki's work like we can!"

West Sussex, England.

"Nikki has worked for us for four summers now, and I couldn't recommend her more highly.  I don't think there's one thing she has made that has been in any way disappointing!  She is a natural; an extremely talented and very imaginative chef, she is also a kind and lovely person."

London, England.

"Nikki has catered a number of events for my wife and I, catering for more than a hundred invitees each time, and they have been a total success. Guests commented on the delicious and generous food, and we have found Nikki a joy to work with"

Tomatin, Scotland

"All meals prepared by Nicola were to a very high standard and we received a number of positive compliments from our guests. Indeed, many have asked for recipes and her details thereafter! Nicola was able to tailer her cooking to meet personal preferences on an ad hoc basis."

Cornwall, England.

"Nicola cooked delicious, nutritious food which was enjoyed by all and she did so with enthusiasm and with such a happy personality she became part of the family.  She was unphased by varying quantities, different cookers, power cuts and changing in timing, and was always willing, enthusiastic and unflappable.  She was completely honest, trustworthy and hardworking."

Herts, England.

"Nicola's cooking is first class, she has an instinctive flair not just for flavours and textures but presentation too. I had discussed the brief with her which she had clearly listened to with care. Her canapés and imaginative menus (including at breakfast) delighted our guests."

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