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  • Nicola Richman

Toasted Oat Porridge

A big bowl of porridge in the morning is the go-to for many. The convenience, speed and slow energy releasing properties of oats make them a breakfast favourite. However in the spirit of throwing caution to the wind, every now and then, it is nice to jazz up that humble bowl of oats that we know and love. Toasting the oats is a very quick and easy way to do this. It adds a lovely warmth to the oats as well as a toasty, nutty flavour. Combine that with a pinch of cinnamon and your bowl of porridge is quickly transformed. This recipe is perfect for vegans or those who are dairy/gluten-free, by using almond milk and coconut yogurt (I use RudeHealth and COYO respectively) you keep the dairy at bay. But for those of you who eat everything, normal cow’s milk yogurt and milk can easily be substituted in and it will be just as delicious. I have to admit, I made this recipe a while back, when blood oranges were in season so they are in the picture. Unfortunately for us, their season is quick – blink and you miss it, so for the rest of the year, just use your regular orange and it will be just as delicious. You really can be creative with this porridge and add whatever takes your fancy, I have just given you the backbone recipe and a couple of ideas but the toppings can be left completely up to you…

To serve 2 you will need…

1tsp coconut oil

100g rolled oats (look for specifically gluten-free oats if necessary)

400ml almond milk

400ml water

half a teaspoon cinnamon

3 sticks of rhubarb

2 tsp agave

juice of one blood orange (or regular orange)

1 star anise

1 blood orange, segmented (or regular orange)

2 large teaspoons of coconut yogurt


dried rose petals

pomegranate seeds

Cut the sticks of rhubarb into 2inch long chunks. Add to a small roasting tray with the agave, blood orange juice and star anise. Cover with foil and cook at 180C for roughly 20 minutes, or until soft.

Whilst the rhubarb is cooking, heat the coconut oil and carefully toast the oats. It will take a couple of minutes but do be careful as they can very quickly begin to burn. Once they are lovely and golden, add the almond milk, water and cinnamon and cook for about 5-10 minutes, until thick.

Spoon the porridge into bowls and top with the stewed rhubarb, blood orange, yogurt and anything else you fancy. Here I have also added pomegranate seeds and a few dried rose petals, but as I said above if you fancy something different feel free to let your inner foodie get creative…

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